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To sign up for membership or renew online today, please start by signing into your My IMI account here. If you are not a current dues paying member, the top of your profile will display a link to sign up or renew your membership today. Don't have a login for the site yet? Sign up for an account quickly by completing this short form now.

Membership Details

Various levels of membership in IMI are available. You can join IMI as a lifetime member, or through annual dues for medical and allied medical professionals, students and associate members.

Dues for membership breakdown:

LIFE MEMBERSHIPS (Limited to 15 years)

  • Life Membership (MD, DO, PhD, Dentist) $1,500.00
  • Life Membership (non-physician) $750.00


  • Family with 2 Medical Professionals (MD, DO, PhD, Dentist) $250.00 per year
  • Family with 1 Medical Professional (MD, DO, PhD, Dentist) $200.00 per year
  • Family Membership for non-healthcare professionals $75.00 per year


  • Medical Professional (MD, DO, PhD, Dentist) $150.00 per year
  • Retired MD/Resident/Fellow or Allied Health Professional (Pharmacist, Nurse, Technician etc) $75.00 per year
  • Associate Member (Non-health Professional / Community Member) $25.00 per year
  • Student $25.00 per year
  • Immigrants or Newcomers to Canada (HPs not in practice) $25.00 per year

Wondering why you should join IMI?

  • Our health professional members are eligible to vote in national chapter elections and steer the direction of IMI.
  • Significantly reduced registration fees at IMI events globally & special discounts on products (differ by country of registration).
  • Share your perspective & get involved with work that matters professionally and to improve the community.
  • Receive expert guidance to help you with your practice and difficult questions—including complex Islamic Medical Ethics concerns.
  • Build professional relationships across the world through IMI’s network.
  • Young professionals & students: receive mentorship and career guidance.
  • Serve at risk and poor communities globally through your support.

The Constitutional Criteria for Membership

While IMI’s beneficiaries (and many supporters) are from diverse backgrounds, as a faith-based entity, membership in the global platform and any chapter is constitutionally limited to Jafari Shia Muslims. Membership is available for professional and associate (non-health professional) member classes and as annual or lifetime payments. As a health professional organization, voting rights are reserved for IMI members from professional backgrounds in health/health-related fields. While we cherish our student and associate members and will always do our best to keep them informed and to follow up on their input/thoughts and ideas, our members in this category are unfortunately not eligible to vote.